• symp
  • Floating Ground

  • Spring 2020

  • Core Studio 6

  • City College of New York, Spitzer School of Architecture

  • Park Ave & E 119th St, East Harlem, New York, NY 10035

  • Individual Work


The gathering space for a community is a place that creates a sense of shared humanity. It is one that is formed by the evaluation of culture, identity, and individualism. The unity between the individual and community is a concept used to define this space. This is further encouraged by a physical space where people can feel protected and safe. It is a space where they can eat together, sit together, play together, share their perspectives, and feel inspired by others around them. This forms a shelter that becomes a living part of the community. Using ramps and creating circulation around a central communal space, the ideas of identity, safety, education, and accessibility are unified to form a connection between the space, its location, and its users. There is a connection between the private and public, and the individual and community. The pools, which become a focal point for the space, create the sense of inclusivity and shared humanity. They are the places where everyone in the community can come together to perform activities, as well as being their own individuals. People can get education and learn about safety regarding water and the activity of swimming. They can look over and watch other people swim and look down to the communal space to watch the other activities being performed. As a whole, this is a space where everyone in the community can come together to define this space, and build its identity.