• symp
  • The Manifesto

  • Spring 2017

  • "An Apparatus for Rhythm and Poetry"

  • (Documentation and Design Workshop)

  • University of Thessaly in Volos Greece

  • Kerkini Lake, Gefiroudi Village

  • In Collaboration with Thodoris Chalvatzoglou

  • & Salma Chalhoub


The purpose of the workshop was to design small architecture interventions that would not distort the beauty of surrounding landscape but allow people to interact with the serene environment of Lake Kerkini. The Manifesto is a moment between a wanderer and the surrounding nature that plays itself out through activating the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch to elicit emotion and thought. Focusing on one sense at a time enhances deep realization of the surrounding nature and allows for meaningful engagement with it.