• symp
  • Student Hub

  • Fall 2016

  • Mapping the Student City Workshop – DCM Initiative

  • Desert City Mappers

  • MSA University

  • 6th of October City, Giza, Egypt

  • Individual Work


“Desert cities have always been portrayed as the Egyptian dream, to escape the congested narrow corridor to a vast land of opportunities and uncharted potential. Yet, following internal migration patterns of Egyptians indicate that most of our trials do not meet the planners’ targeted population. However, they present different typologies that the planner never expected. “The STUDENT CITY”, a Student lead project organized by Desert City Mappers in MSA University, explores the patterns of an up and rising urban center in The 6th of October City; one of the most populated desert cities in the Greater Cairo Region. Students are mapping the existing services, producing innovative trends and strategies to improve the city’s urban environment to better serve the vibrant student life.”

-DCM Team

Student Hub is a one-stop shop precinct for students living in the cosmopolitan 6th of October City. The hub is a venue for studying, research, meetings, project presentations, and entertainment.