• symp
  • Sanctuary

  • Fall 2017

  • Smart, Green & Beyond: Health Care Facility of the Future – UIA-PHG International Competition

  • The International Union of Architects Public Health Group

  • New York, NY

  • In Collaboration with Sameh Zayed


Humans have a tendency to achieve nuances by constantly developing something new in hopes towards a better future. But hardly realizes that this urbanization has led to so much dependence on technology that our lifestyle is completely mechanized leading towards busy work schedules, elevated levels of toxicity, reduced green spaces, unplanned and unpleasant surroundings, congested living environments, and many more. Sanctuary aims to discover how architecture and aesthetics can create an environment conducive to the healing process. the architectural manipulation of space can serve as a catalyst in creating a therapeutic atmosphere that can influence the patient's physical and psychological behaviors.