• symp
  • La Perturbation et La Ville Du Futur

  • Fall 2020

  • Advanced Studio – Dérive et el.

  • City College of New York, Spitzer School of Architecture

  • Research & Speculative Work

  • In Collaboration with Judy Sanchez


La Perturbation et La Ville Du Futur, or "The Disruption and The City of The Future," is a short film that has been produced for the advanced studio "Derive, et al." led by adjunct professor Ali Höcek during the fall term of 2020 at the Spitzer School of Architecture in NYC. In reflection to the disrup­tion caused by the protests and COVID-19 pandemic of the year, which was and as yet inciting emerging typologies and shifts in setting up territorial boundaries, the advanced studio was inspired by the Situationist International (SI) theories of derive, detournement and psychogeography in making critical and speculative documentation (research, data compilation, analysis, and fieldwork) to explore this dramatically altering landscape" (Höcek, Derive, et al.).